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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile you might miss the opportunity to create a stellar impression. It’s not enough to just complete your profile – it is critical to write a profile using the best strategies and tactics to increase your profile views and the number of opportunities on your radar.
Here are top 10 tips to make your Linkedin profile stand out.
1. Sell yourself!: Your headline should be catchy. Your title and company may require explanation. It should contain your email address as well.
2. Share valuable content: Publishing posts or sharing relevant articles will increase the number of profile views, connection requests, and followers. It’s social proof that builds your following and enhances your credibility. Regularly share your status with posts on your News Feed along with other updates to gain exposure outside of your network. Make sure you’re creating value for each post you share.
sharing post linkedin
Share articles that help your network
3. Optimize for Linkedin Search: Be sure to include industry keywords so you will be found in searches. For keyword ideas, search for examples of your ideal role’s job spec, candidates that are currently in the position and company, or request for proposal specification documents.
amy porterfield facebook
Amy Porterfield: Expert in Facebook Marketing
4. Use other mediums: Display rich media such as video or your portfolio work to further illustrate your value proposition. Studies have shown that adding video has increased website conversion rates.
5. Get descriptive: Be precise in your job history descriptions – quantify each achievement, preface each bullet point with an action verb, demonstrate skills competencies, and what problems you have solved for clients and companies.
6. Tweak your profile for more endorsements: Drag the Endorsements section to the top of your profile, above the fold so that connections can more easily endorse you. Place more important skills at the top. Include key skills that are required to land your next gig or client.
endorsements linkedin
Notice how Endorsement is on top of my profile?

7. Reach out to get connections:
 Be indiscriminate about accepting connection requests.1 I accept all requests – they could potentially endorse you for multiple skills, share your profile to their network, and expand your reach. You should aim to have 500+ connections on your profile. When sending out connection requests, try to modify the default message to something more personalized to increase the chances of your request being accepted. You can include your LinkedIn profile URL in your signature, “Connect with me.”
linkedin invitation
Example of a personalized invitation

9. Get recommended:
 Ask all past and current colleagues and clients for recommendations. It is really important to tell the people you are asking for recommendations what you would like them to say about you instead of just leaving it open. Even though you may think “I’ve worked for this person or this person knows me so I just want them to write whatever they think best describes me”, not specifying what you want someone to say really makes writing a recommendation difficult, no matter how well you know the person. You can come up with a list of attributes/skills you would like someone to say about you before asking them for a recommendation. Agree to provide them a recommendation as well. That alone will heavily increase your chances of receiving a recommendation.
Hi John,
Hope you’re well. When I was working for you, I did x, y, z which I thought really demonstrated my ____ skills; I would really appreciate it if you could write me a quick recommendation from our experience of working together? I will do the same for you.
10. Be human: Volunteering and listing interest can show a more human side to your profile. It’s a good idea to list interests and volunteering groups with no obvious political or religious affiliations. I would encourage you to build community through LinkedIn relationships. You’ll find your career journey much more interesting with connections to empathize with along.

What are some of your best tips on making your Linkedin profile stand out? We’d love to hear them.http://blog.nextsociety.com/make-linkedin-profile-stand-out/

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