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Monday, 28 March 2016

Learn How to Get Rich & Make Money Trying

£50 Million in the bank and counting..... And you can be shown exactly how it's done!

3 Questions?
What would you give to be rich? What would you sacrifice? What would you be willing to do?

I'm sure the majority of people will say 'Anything'! If so, what's stopping you? I'll tell you what....
I'll give you a little insight, maybe a few home truths and then the solution! Sound fair?

Right, here we go. Sorry, just to make one thing absolutely clear, here's a quick tip/words of advice - Get Rich Quick Schemes DO NOT WORK and anybody who promises instant wealth, run a mile! I'm yet to find someone who does! The crazy thing is, everybody thinks if they're not a millionaire within a few months, it doesn't work and they go running with their tail between their legs never to be seen again. As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day and the majority of millionaires didn't build their's in that time either. It takes a little time to learn, educate yourself, become engrossed until it becomes a habit and then reap the rewards. What could be better than learning how to make vast amounts of money anyway!? Even if it took let's say 5 years (which it doesn't) to create wealth, surely that would be worth it right? What's the other option? Slave away in some dead-end job for 40 years!? No Thanks!

For some reason people, including myself in the past, think that being wealthy or financially free is beyond reach. The reality is, it isn't!.... People need to realise that times have changed and maybe getting into a trade or going on to higher education just for the sake of it isn't the right thing anymore, it's just what society and the past tell us. Now I'm not saying throw away your education because learning is great and you should never stop learning throughout your life, but there are alternatives. The great thing is you can learn whilst doing a job until you get to the point were your job is holding you back and you can break free! Just imagine that feeling!

Hey, what's the worst that could happen? Just by making a start it put's you ahead of everybody else who is still doing nothing. What's the best that can happen? You become financially free and live a life of luxury, spending precious time with your loved ones. Would you rather spend your life wondering or hoping without taking action or go for it and see how life could really be?

So many people enter their working life thinking or hoping they're going to make it to the top, which in more cases than not is decades away or just doesn't work out. It's the wrong job, they don't like it, the pays not good enough, they just fell/got pushed into it. This is the unfortunate predicament that people find themselves in. The main concern is that this could be years down the line after doing all the training/courses/exams etc etc. Now why does it seem so right to learn for 4/5 years to become an electrician or a plumber or joiner or anything else for that matter, to then start on a basic wage and work another 5 years to get to earning something decent? Yet everybody thinks you're crazy if you tell them you're learning how to make money from a multi-millionaire who's been there and done it? They just think they're there to take your money, but far from it. The real scam is the lie society keeps telling you about the life you should be leading.  In a job you're only learning from someone else, who probably knows a little bit more than you, who learnt from someone who knew a little bit more than them. Yet your end goal is trading all your time for a meagre wage that you'll be working at for most of your life!? Why the hell would you not at least try to reach that pot of gold?

People become obsessed with the idea that the wealthy get rich by taking from the poor and vulnerable, but it's so not true. If somebody has made lots of money and they're willing to show you how to do the same, why is it wrong for them to make a little profit along the way? It doesn't mean it's a scam or they're greedy or whatever other reason people want to throw at it. If you're receiving great value and knowledge that otherwise you would never know or find out about, with which takes you onto your path to financial freedom. Don't know about you, but that seems fair to me.

Have you ever wondered 'how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer'? Mindset. Sounds simple and easy, but trust me it takes time to embed in your psyche. You can't just think 'I want to be rich, who wouldn't?' It goes beyond that, it's a way of being, that eventually lies deep within your subconscious. The problem is, you need constant motivation, encouragement and guidance, otherwise you end up on a rollercoaster ride with your emotions. What you need is a Mentor.  Not all the rich, were born rich or became rich through a lottery win or inheritance, the majority have earned it. When they were starting out, do you think they would ever have made it with a negative, defeatist attitude? Definitely not. They were determined to succeed one way or another.

The thing is everybody needs a trigger to set them off on the road to financial independence, whether it be a family circumstance or your sick and tired of your dead-end job or simply just want to enjoy the finer things in life. Once you've had that trigger, you then need a guide, a mentor, someone who has been there done it and got the t-shirt if you will. Not some so called 'guru', who just spiels the same rubbish you've heard time and time again, just trying to add you to their list.

You see, many many multi-millionaires in this world didn't just wake up one day with a crazy idea, threw everything at it and voila! They're rich! Yes occasionally this may happen, but more often than not they simply copied someone else and if anything did it better or added to it. It's that simple, it's that easy. If you want to make money and a lot of it, who is in the best position to show and guide you?
- Is it the financial broker, who is broke or doesn't even invest in what he/she is telling you to invest in? No.
- Is it your parents who are stuck in their sceptical ways from the past, before the internet existed, telling you 'not to waste your time', who have done nothing, through no fault of their own, but slave away thinking more time = more money, when time is a luxury we don't have and want more of? Hell No.
- Is it your friends who are constantly telling you 'it'll never work', yet are in no better position than you to give advice and if anything, it makes them feel better to have you in the same situation as them. Nope.


- Is it the Award Winning Multi-Millionaire who has been there, done it and got the t-shirt? Who is more than happy to pass on his knowledge and step-by-step guidance on what he did, how he did it and how you can do it to? I know who I'd be listening to!

All you have to do is copy his idea.

Now, the guy I mentioned has made over £50million! So I'm talking seriously wealthy and he has helped countless others become millionaires too, both directly and indirectly. Reading his book was that trigger moment for me, I'd already been thinking as you do about ways you can make money, ideas, inventions, stock market, you name it. I was sick and tired of doing my day to day job, with the only chance to make more money was by doing 'overtime', working longer and sacrificing my time. I had a family to support now and knew there was ways and means, I just had to find them.

Then one day I heard about a book on 'How to start an Online Business', I thought that's it, as soon as I finish work, I'm going to go and buy that book. The internet age is booming and is only going to get bigger and I want a piece of the action. So, I finished work, went to the supermarket and found the book. I had a little flick through, hmmm not sure, didn't feel right, was a little expensive etc etc. I decided to have a little look around the book section, then no word of a lie I saw a little unassuming book that I was drawn to. The front cover basically said 'Copy This Idea'. I wonder what that is I thought? Picked it up and started to read the first few pages and that was it. The other book went down, I was hooked! I bought the book and couldn't wait to read it, went home and read it within a week...
The rest is history as they say. That set me on my own journey to wealth.

If you have motivation to succeed and just need a guide, then Andrew Reynolds is the man for you. The least you could do is read his book and see for yourself. You never know, like me it might be the best thing you ever did.

P.S. Listen to Andrew himself & get a Free copy of his Award Winning book, ' Copy This Idea' at the website below:


Happy Reading!

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