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Monday, 12 September 2016

11 Powerful Tips to Use Social Media Like a Master

Social media is a powerhouse of many of the things, whether you are promoting a business, product or yourself. For all of these social media is near the top of what will determine your success. There are so many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other, which have become commonplace and maybe most modern forms of interaction today.
Now, the time change so does the social media platforms, and it means these platforms have to get harder with the time. So to be successful in social media marketer the tricks of past year might not help you for what you to what you want to get in this years. You will need a ton of tips and tricks to stay up-to-date with the social platforms. So the top 10 power tips which I am going to break down for you and I am going to explain each of them in the detail. So let’s roll.

10 Powerful Tips for Social Media

Powerful tips to user social media like a master
#1. Go live on Facebook
Facebook is the great social media platform wherein Facebook Live is the best feature for an honest brand building. This presents a significant new opportunity for a brand to use live video to showcase their knowledge to their followers and gain new followers to increase brand awareness.
The best part about live feature is, when you go Live on Facebook, people who follow you they get a valuable notification for your event. When you go live, and numbers will appear on your screen, which indicates the number of users is watching you live.
Facebook Live
#2. Take Advantage of Hiding Comments Feature on Facebook
More often it may not be possible that every follower on Facebook do like your post, there will be at least one who ruins the fun for everyone by commenting. So the big advantage of hiding comments is that when some of the commenters comments on your Facebook post which you don’t like you can only hide it.
#3. Wirecast Is The Best Way To Publish on Facebook Live
As we all know that Facebook loves Facebook live, where this platform provides the ability to its all users to stream live video. With Wirecast, the user can now elevate the production value of their live videos by using multiple cameras, graphics, effects, transitions and other professional capabilities.
The advantage of using this feature is, there is direct integration between Wirecast and Facebook Live where Wirecast users can publish live streams directly to the Facebook Live platform from within the interface. This tool is quite difficult, but it is worth to learn it.
#4. Use Trello To Organize Your Social Media
For those, who like to keep their Social Media work organized or want to get organized and divide individual task to an individual team member then Trello is the perfect tool. This web-based application for social media management is like a whiteboard that is having the super powers. The advantage of Trello is truly the best to be more productive.
#5. Use LibreStock To Legally Use The Photos
From the numerous of sources every day you might search for right photos for your blog posts, Facebook or many other social media platforms. Not all but there are many of the images which are copyrighted that you can’t use it because it is illegal to use any copyright image. So if you are looking for free images for your posts use LibreStock.
This platform offers free images which are licensed under public domain-CCO license. Within this platform, all the photographs are divided into categories.
#6. SocialChamp The Great Platform To Post Multiple

Most of all we believe that posting messages multiple times on social media is important. SocialChamp has developed a platform to schedule messages on the major social networks. This platform knows if your message only appears once, and you will lose at least 75% of the possible views that your post has
It is important that you post your messages multiple times so all your fans could see that. With using SocialChamp, you can set your messages on a repeating schedule and can make sure it is continually hitting each social media network at your desired frequency of time.
#7. Use Canva For Awesome Graphics For Social Media

Canva is the great tool that will ramp up your social media campaign by adding beautifully designed graphics. With this tool, you can create your band kit with colors, logos, and fonts. Also, you can create templates for everything from social media graphics to presentations. So you can create your own on-brand graphics. Another advantage of using this tool is once you design the graphic, you can optimize it for different social media platforms in different sizes.
#8. Use of Lightroom is Best Way To Post on Instagram
Instagram is full of inspiring photography as many professional photographers, and a creative user has discovered this platform as a viable tool for promoting themselves and their work. But the problem is that Instagram remains as a mobile platform and the users of Instagram post pictures those have been taken with an other device or camera and edit them on a computer. Typically this involves some third-party uploading tool or image transfer to a mobile device for upload.
But to overcome this problem you can use Lightroom platform that also offer Instagram’s users a plugin which are LR/Instagram. This plugin lets you post images to Instagram directly from Lightroom. Images are uploaded by dragging them into your images collection and before you do, you can add hashtags or captions. You can also crop your images to an aspect ratio that is supported by Instagram.
#9. Use of Planoly To Manage Instagram
Did you ever want to upload photos to Instagram from your desktop? Well, now you can by using one tool and that is Planoly. The actual role of this tool is that it can schedule the Instagram posts from desktop version website. So typically this is scheduling app, which has a well laid-out calendar. This calendar shows on which dates you can manage your Instagram posts uploading. This will help you to create a day to day posts schedule for your Instagram account.
#10. Share Personal and Business Information On Instagram
Instagram indeed becomes the visual representation of your brand. And from that people get to know you from what you share. So be a multi-faceted jewel and share a variety of your personal information and business information in a mix, that works for you, and you can show your different sides. This will also help you to connect with the right kind of people, and this will also build a transparent and honest reputation for a brand online.
#Bonus: Use Their Own Analytics Which Social Media Provide By Default
Do you know that various social media platforms provide their own analytic system to track records of post-performance? Yes, it is true that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all these social media platforms, who provide fantastic analytics system with the upgraded free business accounts.
With these tips, you can take your brand to the next level and these power tips are the best to build an honest audience. If you have any other social media power tips, then don’t miss the chance to share with others. Share here with me by just commenting below.

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