For some people a 9-5 is not enough. In fact, being at a 9-5 knowing you could do better for yourself and your family is slowly killing you.
If you are reading this post, it means you are one of those entrepreneurs. By now you have started something on the side or plan to. Either way, you will profit greatly from reading this post to help you cross the finish line.
I can tell you building a business while working at a job is a tough act, but it is not impossible. I live by the notion you should always give your job about 60% and yourself 100%. You are your most valuable asset.
Working on a job while trying to start a business will drain you faster. At times you will want to give up on your business, because your job seems to take less effort.
I am here to help you pass that roadblock and show you how to stay motivated while you create greatness on the side.


Building a successful business takes time, and working while trying to do it, you need to decide on how much time you are willing to put in your business.
If you get up early from bed, chase traffic to put in hours at a place you hate, that is what you are willing to give. I was willing to put in 8 hours in my overnight job I hated so much.
When I arrived home at about 7:30am in the morning, I was exhausted. But before even going to my room to lay down and take a break, I took my work shirt off, sat my butt in front of my laptop and got to work.
I’d put in as much hours as I could and at times I fell asleep at the desk. Putting in 10-30 mins is not worth anything. Other blogs may have told you it is, but I am telling you it is not. 2hours plus says you know quitting time is coming and you will not have to suffer at a place that is draining you.
I believe in you, so put in the time.


We are social creatures. It’s only right that we feel the need to tell people about our plans. Even from a young age we loved getting attention. It made us feel warm inside and a little more important, even when we didn’t feel it for ourselves.
But as pleasurable as that sounds, telling people about your plans can be one of the main causes for a failed business.
Not everyone will be happy about it, especially if they aren’t doing it and don’t want you to succeed. Broke minded people think it is better to bring you down to their level rather than encourage you and do something themselves. Not to mention people expect things to go faster than it should.
After a year of hard work and you have nothing to show for it, they will bring it to your attention about your so called great business. They will want to know where it is and you will end up rushing to please others rather than focus on building your empire.
If it happened that your first business failed, which many do, they will rub it in your face and you will be discouraged to learn from your attempts and try again. A person cannot become successful without ever failing and learning how to do it better the next time.
Keep it to yourself, at least in the beginning. A little down the road when you start making a little bit of progress you can talk about it a with some trusted friends that will not try and belittle you.


I am sure you have heard entrepreneurs that go off four hours of sleep and some are as bold as to go off as little as two. 
As fascinating as that sounds, avoid doing that. Not because it is impossible, but from my own experience, it is not worth it.
I used to put in 18 hour and 20 hour days, sitting in front of a computer screen, working non-stop unless it was a bathroom break. At times I would forget to eat.
I wanted things to go faster. I wanted to flick my bosses off and tell them to suck it. To have some income coming in to tell my girlfriend she could stop stressing and leave.
18-20hours 7 days a week felt great, while I crammed down star energy drinks; but for the long run, health will always be more important than wealth. Don’t rush, because most things require time to grow and that is not optional.
Analyze yourself and be sure you have not fallen into the trap of just doing non-important work. 
It is a good idea to take a break and relax for 30 mins, maybe stand and stretch to get the blood flow circulating again. Giving your mind a break helps it come back ever more strong.
Taking a break goes hand in hand with celebrating small wins. Celebrating small wins boost your energy and motivation level even when you don’t notice.
Taking breaks to celebrate sometimes seem like you’re not doing anything, but it’s actually better than putting in countless hours with no breaks.
Because a business takes time, there is no need to overwork. over working will lead to burning out quicker.
I also encourage 12hours of work if you are a vet in the entrepreneur sphere, especially if the work you do requires a lot of thinking.


Setting achievable goals is the most important part of staying motivated when starting your business. It’s ok to aim too high, but set small milestones to hit to get you there. Don’t go at it expecting things to just take off. Doing it that way is a great way to disappoint yourself and feel things aren’t working.
Have a small to do list that you actually work on daily and cross off. A to do list is good to have, but use it incorrectly and it will work against you.
Learning how to set goals is a skill every entrepreneur should master. Setting goals makes your dream that much closer to becoming reality. Not all goal setting is the same, just as not all to do list are the same.
Remember, even the greats have a hard time when operating their business. Learn from your surroundings and remember reading an article Is not enough. You must keep your mind at its peak by reading and constantly learning something new.
Hard times will come, but they will not last. Apply these simple rules to get pass them. If anything you can always come back to this blog and get yourself motivated.

Writing things down is the best way to make a commitment. Start by writing down what you are going to do in the comments below. If you already own a business, help someone that is just starting out by telling them about it and the other ways you overcame de-motivation.