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Monday, 2 February 2015

How to Write Good Copy

Free TIPS on How to Write Good Copy

I can stress enough how important it is to learn and get good at knowing how to write good copy.
At the start of my Internet marketing career, a few years ago, I didn’t know much about this at all. writing good copy is basically communicating well with readers through words. I guess it’s one of those things that some people are better at than others.
I’ll go through five tips below that I have learned over the last few months from some of the GREATEST marketers out there. It is cool to have good mentors and to just have them there as a base to learn off and follow when you aren’t sure exactly what you need to do. Feeling me???
How to Write Good Copy
How to Write Good Copy
So let’s get to work and go through some steps that will make it easier for you.

Steps on How to Write Good Copy

Step #1 Write like you talk. It’s that simple.
Have you heard of this before? Before I really knew much about marketing and advertising or what people do on the Internet, I always thought people had to be really professional to attract customers. Don’t get me wrong, I run a professional business and do the right thing by my customers but I don’t write proper.
It is an easy mistake to make when you get started but just don’t do it. Don’t over-complicate things and just write how you speak. You will connect better with your customers and get your message across. It is cool to see people doing it and how their personality really shows through like in the picture above :)Just remember grammar a little bit but really it doesn’t matter that much at all. be fun, be your self and write EXACTLY how you talk!
STEP #2 Be one-on-one. ‘Hey, it’s just you and me here right?’
DOn’t write as if you are giving a lecture to a million people. Write as if it’s just you and me sitting in Starbucks having a coffee or something like that. Get it? Just chill out and connect with people. When you have a business you are actually selling yourself first and then your product. People are buying you. If they like and trust you, you could potentially have a lifetime customer right in front of you! Awesome feeling or what?
Step # 3 Don’t write in massive paragraphs and long winded sentences that will confuse your reader no-end.
This point is fairly self explanatory right? You can write a lot but be direct. Don’t put too many ideas in one sentence. Makes it easier to read right? Don’t put more than a MAX of 3 sentences per paragraph and you can basically just keep writing forever! This is a massive tip on how to write good copy and keep your readers interested.
Step # 4  Tell your story.
Let people know who are. If you just be yourself, people will relate to you. Don’t try and complicate things and say stuff that isn’t true and stuff that just makes you sound like a whole different person. As with a lot of business, just keep it simple. The first blog I ever created, I made that many mistakes it just wasn’t funny from OVER-complicating stuff.
Dumb it down and keep it straight-forward and real!
Step #5 Break your article up with pictures and videos.
It makes for way cooler reading and will keep your readers engaged. Who just wants to look at words all day right? These pictures will also help you heaps with your SEO if you are blogging or running a website.
So these are a few tips that I have put together for you to learn how to write good copy.
Remember, practice makes perfect so just get out there and start writing.http://www.colinburnett.com/how-to-write-good-copy/

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