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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Top 10 Analytical Tools Every Affiliate Marketer MUST Use

Successful affiliate marketers wouldn’t be found dead without their bag of analytical tools.
To be one yourself, you ought to equip yourself with the best you can find. To scale the heights of online marketing, the following should be your weapons of choice:
Affiliate Marketing
1. CrazyEgg
This is one of the best tools out there. It offers a bunch of cool visual tracking methods to fully understand how your visitors are navigating on your site.
Apart from the ‘Heatmap’ and the ‘scrollmap’ that gives you a picture of where and how far the visitors on your site are going. It helps to recognize problem areas (places where the visitors are quitting or moving away) and make changes that increase actions on your site. It even goes as far as giving you the number of clicks generated by individual elements of the page.
This is an awesome way to get a complete representation of the clicks with the highest significance to your site.
2. Google Insights
If you want to see if the popularity of a keyword is going up or pin down the best months or seasons for a particular search using worldwide trends, Google Insights is the tool for you. It also offers an array of methods like sorting search volume by region to determine the change in trends over time in different areas.
3. Mint
The only tool on the list that has a one-time payment, Mint Analytics comes with no recurring costs and an excellent layout and simple and user-friendly charts that give you all the information you need.
Although it charges a fee of $30 per site, it definitely is a cut above other tools, even if those have a lower monthly fee, because your annual expenditure with those tools will still add up to $30 or maybe more.
4. Google Alerts
Being a Google tool, you can expect it to deliver and deliver well. It efficiently monitors social media and packs a punch with its analytics package. Keeping track of any literature you’ve shared online or keeping a tab on your competition becomes really easy.
Set it up to track specific keywords, like your blog name, or personal details and receive e-mail alerts every time someone searches using those keywords. You can even have your very own social media watchdog which notifies you if unwanted content is placed on any platform.
5. Stealth Keyword Digger
Much like most other keyword analyzers, the Stealth Keyword Digger focuses on trending keywords. But it stands apart in that it targets the most profitable keywords. This is super-helpful if you’re focusing on a niche market.
6. SEO Quake
Similar in its working to other affiliate tools, it aids affiliates in keeping a tab on the Alexa ranking of their websites. Moreover, it offers data on back links and gets your webpage displayed higher in Google searches. A highly-effective browser plug-in for affiliate marketing, it operates on Firefox and Google Chrome.
7. Spyfu
It helps in optimizing affiliate programs to suit the needs of the target audience, which is essential in affiliate marketing. It also tracks your competitor activity and the keywords they’ve purchased on Google AdWords. It is one of the most highly-trusted tools used by marketers.
8. KISSmetrics
It provides an amazing way to better understand your visitors. It is one of those analytical tools designed specifically for commerce sites, although it can be used on blogs as well. Especially, blogs with products on offer.
9. Google Optimizer
If you want to optimize your blog and shape it into a model blog in the eyes of Google, this is the tool for you. It can be used to customize layouts, and enable template designs and SEO content. Use this tool wisely and you can maximize your chances of appearing in related Google searches.
10. Clicky
This is the tool that most affiliate marketers can use instead of Google Analytics. The main difference is that Clicky provides real-time information unlike Google Analytics, which gives you the info from the previous day. This is crucial if the volume of visitors to your blog or site from an external source suddenly spikes.
To conclude
Keep your strategy simple but effective and don’t forget the basics. Understanding your visitors and your target audience is essential to your business, and these tools can definitely help you get there, if you use them wisely.

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