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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

11 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Followers

11 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Followers
Increasing your Facebook followers is a definite ‘must’ when it comes to marketing. Why? it is easy to distribute new content, recommend products and most importantly a way for readers to share your content with others. If you have a large amount of Facebook followers it also provides social proof that you are the person to learn from, meaning more and more people will want to follow you.
If you came across a Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers what would your first thought be?
Most likely ‘this person knows what their on about if this many people are following them’. You have probably read the best ways to increase your followers is to join lots of groups and spend weeks discussing topics and creating relationships etc.
While this is a method that works, it’s not going to knock those numbers up at a very fast rate. Below Jaysblogging have revealed 11 effective ways that will teach you after a few little ‘tweaks’ how you can increase your Facebook followers dramatically. Please also see the Infographic at the bottom of this post.

1. Side Bar Widget

The Facebook side bar widget on your site gives you social proof as visitors can see the faces of your current followers. As new readers can see that REAL people are following you it indicates that not only is your page worth following but that your site is trustworthy as well.

2. Change Your Contact Method

Changing your contact method is a great way to increase Facebook followers as readers are automatically directed to your Facebook page whenever they have a question. The beauty of having of having questions on your FB page is that it can initiate discussions with other followers which will help to create stronger relationships. As an added bonus when a follower comments on these discussions it will appear on their news feed, making your page viewable to their friends.

3. Comment Close Down

Closing your comments box and having readers write on your FB page is another great way to increase the amount of discussions on your wall, giving the same benefits as stated in the previous point. Furthermore you will not have to put up with all those spammy comments that appear on a regular basis.

4. Call To Action With Your Posts

This is something not a lot of people realise to do in general.
It’s important to spell out what you would like from your readers to do1
…whether it’s liking your FB page to increase your Facebook followers or clicking the Buy-button to purchase a product. I know it seems like this is a straight forward thing but your readers may not think to follow you otherwise.

5. Author Byline

Adding in an author by-line gives you another way to show your link in case the reader has missed it previously. A lot of readers will want to find out more about you if your content is really good so this area is a great place to re direct them.

6. Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to reach a lot of people. Believe it or not the cost isn’t very expensive, so it can be a good method to get the ball rolling and reach out to a decently sized audience with just a few clicks. As I say to everyone about paying for marketing: don’t just pay a lot of money and hope for the best; pay small amounts and experiment to find out what works and doesn’t work.

7. Convert Unknown Friend Requests

Keep your Facebook account and page separate as you mostly likely don’t want your readers as a friend as there is no benefit. Any reader that sends you a friend request is to be redirected to your FB page. Not only does it increase your Facebook followers for social proof, it also gives to a platform to communicate with your readers all at once instead of one at a time.

8. Facebook Comment Box

Facebook comment boxes work like the normal comment box on your blog except the additional benefit is that when a reader writes a comment on your post it appears on their FB news feed. This gives you the chance to promote your page for more followers as all the readers’ friends will see the comment. You can see one below created for this post. Give it a go will ya?

9. Like Facebook Pages

Ever thought to yourself Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? If you like as many Facebook pages within your niche there is a higher chance your face will appear on these websites Facebook side bar widgets (if they have one). When visitors visit several websites they may recognise your face and may have a nose.

10. Mingle

This method was mentioned in the introduction. Even though it can take weeks to create relationships it’s a great way to network and meet some influential people as well as to increase your Facebook followers.

11. Facebook Like & Share Buttons

Whenever you write a post make sure you add social media ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons to make your content easy to share with others in just one click. The easier you make it for visitors the more chance your content will be shared through Facebook.

11 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Followers – Infographic

Here is a shareable Infographic explaining the 11 things you can do in order to increase your Facebook follower count.
TIP: You get a handy Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest share button when you roll over the image with your mouse.
11 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Followers

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