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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

FaceBook Likes – The New Email List

5 years ago one of my good friends started an online pet store.  Sold collars, leashes, etc you get the point.
So back then he tells me he is going buy a bunch of “fans” for his page book, now referred to as likes).
So he takes 100k and gets about 85,000 fans.  I thought he was nuts.  He started posting about the sales he was having on his website.  Didn’t go so hot.
In my head I am thinking,  “I told ya so”.
We didn’t talk about it much until about a year ago.  Then he showed me what he was doing with his fanpage.
He had totally gotten away from his retail store and moved to a blog.
He posted engaging stuff like upload a picture of your cat or dog and win dog of the month.  No prize.. he didn’t need one.  Pet owners are passionate people and egged their friends to vote for them so they shared it with everyone.
This in turn led to getting more fans from all the shared content.
Then he launched a blog which basically just looked for the most shared articles on the internet that we based around pets.
Things like “Dog found dead after being tortured for hours”.  What pet owner wouldn’t read that?
So he put adsense on his site and started cranking in cash.
Long story short that 100k he invested years ago has grown into a site that does 32 MILLION hits a month and is now profiting 250k a month.  Pure profit.
I am not gonna name the site but here are its stats:
So about 2 months ago I talked with this FaceBook “consultant” who explained to me all the new trick with Facebook advertising isn’t to buy ads to your site… but to build your “likes” and use that to drive your existing fans to your site.
He said Facebook fan pages is the evolved email.
Think about it like this.
  • Your opt in is basically a like button – low point of entry.
  • Your open rate is virtually 100%.
But the best part?  People can share your articles which can yield free clicks and likes.  Which in turn keeps the machine revolving.
My friend above who originally invested 100k for 85k likes now has over 2.5M likes and has not invested a dime since.
I can dig it.

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