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Sunday, 18 January 2015

7 steps for making easy cash with fiverr

There are plenty of ways to leverage fiverr.com to make money. Follow these 7 steps to success and you'll be doing it in no time.
1. Introducing Fiverr.com
Fiverr is an online marketplace where people sell their services (called gigs) for $5. Its free to join and a relatively easy way of making money if you can stand out from the crowd and offer a service that people want.
There are a huge amount of services on Fiverr, ranging from people writing articles for you to far more obscure ones; like crazy dancing, an Italian guy doing personalized Robert de Niro impressions or engraving your name onto orange peel.


5 bucks might not seem much to you at first, but the key to Fiverr is scale!
Imagine if you were providing a popular service that continued to sell and most importantly was not a huge drain on your time.
That is the golden chalice for making money on Fiverr.
Not just that either, you can always add extras to your Fiverr services, this is called upselling. Hook the buyer and then offer them further services when they are making their purchase.

Methods for success:

Don't just jump in blindly. 
Fiverr is a marketplace with well established sellers at the top, all the way down to people making only the occasional sale and some with none at all. However, if you provide value its pretty easy to make a quick sale. After all, to the buyer its only 5 bucks right?
So explore the marketplace first and see what is popular and has a keen market of buyers. Rather than copying a seller, create your own spin on proven gigs so that you can offer something unique.
When starting out it can be worth overdelivering on a service to get some good reviews to start you off. However, in the long run you don't want to be spending hours delivering each gig. So it's important to only deliver gigs that you can deliver on in a fair amount of time for $5.

2. Create a service that is popular and sustainable

Some of the best gigs are the simplest. They take little time and sell extremely well. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Photogenic or do you have a good voice? Reading out dialogue on camera is easy, a couple practice runs, press record, upload it and you are done. Just make sure you are happy committing to film what is sent to you!


Do you have multimedia or graphic design skills? Then how about creating a short animated piece that can can be customized to include a buyers image or logo. Similarly this could work with a stylized photograph. Create it once and then quickly adapt it for each buyer. Rinse and repeat.


Popular with internet marketers, people who have purchased backlinking or article spinning software often run their tool for users on fiverr. Purchase a product once and then run it again and again for profit.


If you have good knowlege in a certain field that can help others, then yes, people will pay for that! Some Fiverr sellers will critique a website or squeeze page. Give fashion or makeup advice, teach music lessons, give IT help, pet advice or business tips. 
These examples are but a drop in the ocean of things that will work on Fiverr.
Be creative and find a gap in the market.
But I can't stress enough. Make sure that it is worth your while. Offering full service web design for $5 is not such a clever idea! (you would be suprised but some people do..)

3. Choose a catchy title

If you want people to take notice of your gig then you need an eye catching title. Titles like 'I will make a logo for $5" are bad titles. Be more descriptive! A better example would be "I will design you a KILLER logo that gets you noticed" or "I will create an eye catching, UNIQUE and professional logo." Bottom line - be creative with your title or people will skip past your gig.
Tip - Use caps to stand out. Fiverr allow ONE word to be in caps, so take advantage of this to get noticed. 

4. Choose the correct image to really stand out

As with a creative title, the image is the other first impression you get to make. Generic photos won't get you anywhere. You need custom designed images that represents your gig. If you have Adobe Photoshop then create one yourself. If you can't use graphic design software then no problem - find somebody on Fiverr who can! 

5. Create detailed descriptions

If a user has clicked through to find out more about your gig then you are half way to a conversion. Think of this as your sales page, this is your chance to grab them and convert them into buyers. Here is your blank canvas to explain why your service is GREAT, be descriptive, list the benefits and features of your service in a clear and professional way.
Tip - To really make your 'sales page' stand out then add a video. If you can be interesting or humourous this can go a long way into swaying buyers to choose your gig over the competition.

6. Tags and keywords

To make money you need buyers. To get buyers into your 'store' they need to be able to find you. One of the most important tasks is to tag your gig correctly so that it will rank where it should in Fiverr's search results. Have a minimum of 3 relevant tags.
Tip - Don't keyword spam. Adding keywords that are not relevant to your service can have a negative impact.

7. Upselling with Gig EXTRAS

Always add Gig Extras if you can, when somebody is about to part with cash for something, they are in the buying mood and slipping in a few extras is relatively easy.
Think outside the box here - could you offer a more premium version of the base service? Over deliver on something or offer extras that make it a no brainer to pay that bit extra? What if for only $5 they could jump the queue and have your service delivered faster? http://moneytuts.com/articles/7-steps-for-making-fast-cash-with-fiverr

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