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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

There Are Only 4 Ways To Get Traffic From Twitter. Here They Are.

There Are Only 4 Ways To Get Traffic From Twitter. Here They Are.
Can you believe that back in the days bloggers used to rely on Google as their primary source of traffic?
They launched new blogs, published lots of articles and waited patiently for people to find these articles in Google.
You could be blogging for a few months without a single visit to your blog, just because your articles didn’t rank well in Google.
What I’m trying to say here is that we don’t really appreciate all the cool things we have at our disposal today (I absolutely love how Louis C.K puts it).

I mean we have Social Media!

With sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and others we can get a flood of traffic to our blog on the very same day that the first article went live!
So in this article I’m going to explain you four different ways to get traffic from Twitter.
And those are the only ways actually (if you know more, please let me know).

1. Tweet Your Content To Your Own Followers

This one is darn obvious. If you’re on Twitter, the odds are that some people are following you and click on the links that you tweet.
So if you want to get a few instant visitors to your blog – just send a tweet to your followers.
But here’s the bad news: only 1% of your Twitter followers will click on the links that you tweet (that number is taken from a study by Rand Fishkin).
Which means that for every 1000 Twitter followers that you have, you’re only going to get 10 clicks on the link that you tweet.
That is why for most of us (who don’t have tens of thousands of followers) tweeting links to our followers would be the least effective way to get traffic from Twitter.

2. Make Influential Twitter Users Tweet Your Content

Like I just said, on average 1% of your followers will click on the links that you tweet.
So, if a guy with 100k Twitter followers will tweet your link, you’re going to get 1000 visitors to your website in no time!
While most people are obsessed with growing their own twitter following by a few hundred, why don’t you focus on making influencers, who have huge audiences, tweet your content for you?
Making some influential person notice your content is easier than you think. I’m going to share a few tips on how you can do that:
  1. Look at the content that he likes to tweet, write something similar and let him know about it;
  2. Reference the influencer in your article and let him know about it;
  3. Do something that you’ve learned from this influencer, write an article about it and let him know.
See? That’s quite easy. The trick would be to target mildly influential people from your niche instead of trying to reach out to “super stars”. Mildly influential people are much more responsive and you’ll have better chances of getting a tweet from them.

3. Make Your Visitors Tweet Your Content

Let me get back to that 1% rule one last time.
When your following is around 1000 people and you tweet your link – you get 10 visits.
When an influential person with 100k followers tweets your link – you get 1000 visits.
What if 10 visitors of your blog with 1000 twitter followers each tweeted your link? How many visits would you get?
(10 guys * 1000 followers) * 1% CTR = 100 visitors
Not bad, right?
What’s more awesome is that someone from these 100 visitors can tweet the article even further to his or her following, which will give the whole tweeting cycle yet another spin. But…

How do you motivate your visitors to tweet your content?

Don’t worry, I have some great tips for you:
  1. Keep the quality of your content above the roof and make sure it has a lot of value. People tend to tweet things that make them look good in the eyes of their followers. Your piece of content should be something they want to be associated with.
  2. Ask your readers to tweet your content. When you’ve finished writing your article add a few extra lines asking your readers to tweet your content. After reading your valuable article many people will feel guilty if they ignore your small request to give back and share it.
  3. Add “tweetable quotes” to your articles. This is a brand new tactic that all the “cool kids” are already using. Grab a tool like ClickToTweet or TweetDis and fill your article with quotes and takeaways that people can tweet just by clicking on them (Neil Patel has used this strategy to get 17,452 visits from Twitter to one of his articles).
Another cool thing about creating “irresistible content” is that influencers might just as well tweet it, which kind of combines strategy #3 with strategy #2.

4. Twitter Ads & Sponsored Tweets

This is the last way to get traffic from Twitter and it’s pretty straightforward.
You can either use official Twitter Ads platform or use services like Sponsored Tweetsto have influencers tweet your stuff.
The only trick here would be to create something very compelling that will attract attention, so that you wouldn’t waste tons of money promoting something people are not interested in.
I would suggest you to look at your content and your own tweets that performed really well and think how you can benefit from paid promotion of this content (maybe refurbish it into an ebook and have people leave their emails to get it).

Back To You

So these were the four only ways you can get traffic from Twitter.
And once again I’d like to stress your attention that “tweeting something to your followers” is the least effective way to get traffic from Twitter.
The core strategy is of course creating “irresistible content” and making others tweet it for you.
Good luck with it!

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