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Monday, 5 January 2015


How this SocialOomph Review is organized:
  1. Review Summary
  2. Review of SocialOomph Pros vs Cons
  3. Review of SocialOomph Features
  4. Review of SocialOomph Pricing and Free Trial
  5. SocialOomph reviews by actual SocialOomph users

SocialOomph – Summary

Socialoomph has become an indispensable tool for many Twitter users and is built to customize the Twitter experience. SocialOomph adds almost any feature you would want to your Twitter profiles so that using Twitter as easy and efficient as possible. This program will help keep your Twitter accounts growing with spam-free and focused followers with ease. They offer two types of memberships; Free and a paid Professional membership with a monthly fee. The Professional SocialOomph account can be used on unlimited Twitter accounts and offers a Free 7 day trial period to the the program for a test run.
SocialOomph is web-based and without compatibility concerns.Please continue reading our review on SocialOomph to see the differences between the Free and Professional accounts and why this program ranked so well.

SocialOomph – Pros vs Cons

Review of SocialOomphs Pros:
  1. Adds Twitter Followers – Through the specialized features it makes finding and adding Twitter followers very easy, and does a great job at adding real human spam-free followers.
  2. Automation - It fully automates Twitter with every feature one could want to use for automation, including a Tweet Scheduler and the ability to purge your DM inbox.
  3. Compatibility - SocialOomph is web-based so it’s compatible with every operating system. Not to mention if you’re traveling or having someone else manage your Twitter profile this is a huge bonus.
  4. Stability - This program works almost seamlessly with Twitter. It seems to be constantly updated as needed and runs well without any errors.
  5. Security - Accounts are locked down with usernames and passwords to keep your Twitter accounts safe.
  6. Price and Value – We feel SocialOomph offers significant value to each user. They offer 2 different accounts to meet your needs. We found it to be a great value for all the features it adds to Twitter.
  7. Twitter Safety – Twitter and SocialOomph integrate really well and it’s a safe program to use with your profiles.
See the Free offer for SocialOomph at the end of our review.
    Review of SocialOomphs Cons
    1. Ease-of-use - There is a slightly higher learning curve to be able to take advantage of all the features within SocialOomph. We found it to be a little more difficult to use than than the system based Twitter software programs.
    2. Price - SocialOomph packs serious value and can be used on unlimited Twitter accounts, however we feel like it is slightly costly and best for Power Twitter users.

    SocialOomph – Features

    Search for and Add Twitter Followers:
    1. Find Power Followers – SocialOomph will analyze your followers and show you the top 50 Power Twitter followers who have the most clout to build followers fast.
    2. Keyword Searches – Search and find more Twitter followers based on the Tweets those users are currently Tweeting.
    3. Track keywords on Twitter – You can setup alerts and track specific keywords on Twitter and SocialOomph will send you reports showing the details of these Tweets.
    4. Automatically Follow & Unfollow - You can set specific settings to auto follow back, auto unfollow those who don’t follow you and more.
    5. Vet new followers – This feature gives you the opportunity to review each new follower and time to decide if you want to follow, ignore, or block the new follower.
    Twitter Automation Features
    1. Tweet Scheduler - Schedule Tweets at specific times to be sure your Tweets are getting seen when your followers are online. Keep Tweeting even when you’re away from the computer.
    2. Schedule @replies and DMs – This allows you to schedule @replies and DMs to be sent when you know the person is usually active on Twitter or StatusNet.
    3. TweetCOCKPIT - This allows you to manage all Twitter and StatusNet accounts from one integrated system with all the SocialOomph features at your fingertips.
    4. DM Management & Spam Control - This feature allows you to manage all DMs of all accounts in one location, eliminate spam, and allow you to filter spam keywords.
    5. Ping.fm Integration – You can schedule updates and add feeds into LinkedIn, MySpace, and all platforms supported by Ping.fm.
    6. View @Mentions & Retweets – With the SocialOomph feature you can view all @mentions and retweets from all your Twitter accounts in one single place.

    Other SocialOomph Advantages

    1. Purge your DM Inbox – This allows you to delete all your DMs for all your Twitter accounts as needed and limit the purge by age of the direct messages.
    2. Bit.ly URL – Add your Bit.ly URL shortening account details to shorten all links and be able to track clicks on all your links.
    3. Save and Reuse Drafts – Save any Tweets, text snippets, or URLs that are used often to avoid repetitive typing and be able to use them with scheduled Tweets.
    4. Bulk Upload of Tweets - This gives you the ability to upload preparded Tweets in bulk by using a text file.

    SocialOomph Pricing

    - FREE Basic Account
    - FREE 7 Day Professional Account Trial with 100% Money Back
    SocialOomph offers 2 different accounts; a Free Basic membership, and a paid Professional membership. The free membership is packed with a ton of productivity features to add to Twitter and make using Twitter with multiple accounts a breeze. Of course the Professional membership includes many of the specialized and advanced Twitter automation features and is well worth the membership fee.
    Available SocialOomph licenses:
    SocialOomph Basic – Free
    SocialOomph Professional – $17.97 per month

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