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Friday, 4 July 2014

Can You Trust The Reviews On ScamXposer.com?

What Is It?

This is a scam review site. They review home business opportunities like MLM, network marketing, internet marketing, and other “work from home” opportunities, also known as “biz ops”

Short Review:

Someone has put a lot of hard work into ScamXposer.com, and I agree with many of the reviews. But their top recommendations are clearly scams, so I do not think you should follow their advice. It looks to me like the owner started out as a legit site, and somewhere down the line gave up, and just started recommending “hot products” or whatever paid the most.

What I liked

It’s clear to me that ScamXposer has been around for a few years. They have TONS of reviews on their site. They do a pretty good job of exposing some scams and misleading products out there.
The layout of their website is pretty good too. It says clearly whether the product is recommended or not, gives reasons why, and even links to related products. Some of these scams are promoted under different product names, URLs, and even fake personalities!
They also do MLM reviews. I hate doing MLM reviews because I think these businesses are created simply to make money for the “top of the pyramid”, so I give these guys some credit for having the patience to do it.
ScamXposer also has a huge list of fake review sites! This is impressive, because there are quite a few of them. I’ve reviewed some, like Work At Home Authority , but I haven’t found anywhere near 66 of them!
scamxposer fake review sites

What I didn’t Like

But there is a huge problem with ScamXposer. They promote scams! I was shocked the first time I notice their Top 5 Recommended Internet Businesses.
scamxposer top 5 recommendations
I have done reviews of 3/5 of them, and none of them received good scores. In fact, these are some of the most popular scams I’ve reviewed. It seems that these products were chosen purely as a way to generate income, not because they are actually good products. Here are my reviews.

About his #2 spot: this thing called Online Payday System, let’s use some detective work to figure out if it’s a legit opportunity. After some research I discovered that it’s not actually a product, but a combination of 3 other products: ZNZ One, ZNZ Big Cash, and Empower Network.
Strike One! We already know EN is a scam (link above).
Then Chuck Marshall says that you wont’ have to pay for anything. But OPDS will cost you some money each month. Then you have to pay for both ZNZ products, and EN will cost you $45 per month, plus around $5000 to purchase all of their products. You MUST purchase EN products in order to get credit for any sales.
Strike Two! This is getting really expensive.
Now let’s take a look at the image below.
opds video
Well, I know that EN is MLM, and I’m not sure about ZNZ, but it seems to be passed around the MLM and Biz Op guys as a “the next best thing”.
Strike 3!  I hate misleading advertisements.
I have not reviewed the #1 rated product (Team Vinh), but you can probably guess that I’m very skeptical. I did watch an introduction video, and it’s clearly some kind of MLM related thing. I’m not impressed. I will update with a review at some point


ScamXPoser has since updated his top recommendations, and now recommends Freebie Money Printer. As you might have guessed, it’s not free, and it doesn’t print money. You might also notice that I have recommended the same product since Jan 2013, and have used it since 2010.

Final Review

Thumbs Down
Unfortunately, ScamXposer disappoints. They were on the right track to developing a legit resource of online scams. I used to use them frequently to see what others were saying about certain products that I review, but now I’m not sure that they actually do legitimate reviews.
Obviously, you will have to make a choice here, it’s now Spy vs Spy, review sites reviewing review sites. I just wanted to take the time to give you guys some fair warning that not all sites claiming to expose frauds, fakes, cheats, and liars actually do what they are supposed to do. Some of them promote scams!http://onemorecupof-coffee.com/can-you-trust-the-reviews-on-scamxposer-com/

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