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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Learn How to Make HUGE Money Online With Freelancer.com

Everyone can make money on the internet. You can find jobs, complete them and get paid from the comfort of your home. Let’s see how we can use the web to make money with our skills and time spent. We will discover that we can use a single website called freelancer.com to earn huge money online different ways.
Recall that a freelance worker is someone who is working for different companies without a specific boss; You lance free, you are a freelancer. You can make money with part time jobs, hourly jobs and fixed projects on short terms and long terms projects. Your employers set rules for the time of contract or you set your own rules based on services you have to sell.

What is freelancer.com?

Formerly GetAFreelancer (GAF), Freelancer.com is the largest outsourcing marketplace where employers can employ employees to complete freelance tasks. It is where freelancers can browse to find online jobs to make money working at home.
By outsourcing jobs, it means that opportunities are borderless. Whatever the country where the employer is located and where the employee lives, the freelance project is possible online.
By freelance tasks, it means that you are free to work for anyone. You have no specific boss; you sell your services to competitors, high scaled companies, small business or individual.

How freelancer.com jobs work?

Freelancer.com works simple for both employers and employees.
For employer, it works in 3 simple steps: you post your project; you select the freelancer to complete the project among the ones who bid; you pay when your project is completed.
find freelancers posting projects on freelance marketplace
You can start an account for free as employer today and post your first project for free.
earn money working at home as freelancer
It is also simple for freelancers. You bid on project; you are selected and complete the project; you get paid. Create your freelancer account today and start making money.

What is Freelancer.com payment methods and terms?

Payment methods from freelancer dot com are really flexible. You can receive your payment or pay through PayPal, Skrill, ACH, Wire Transfer and Payoneer debit MasterCard.
The minimum payout is $30 and payment is made twice a week. You can get paid on Monday and/or on Thursday each week for your completed work at home jobs.

How to make huge money online with freelancer.com?

If freelancer.com is the 1st world most popular freelance marketplace, it is for a reason; you can make money different ways with freelancer.com, not simply completing jobs.
Then, Freelancer.com buy companies and forums with large users base and make them integrated with it such as warrior forum, vWorker freelance marketplace, etc… Let’s see how you can make huge money online with freelancer.com.

1.- Make money with freelance projects

Freelancing is the main way to make money on the website and it is unlimited.  With just an internet connection, a computer and your skills, make huge money completing freelance jobs. As it is a general freelance marketplace, fins jobs about article writing, translation, 3D designing, 2D and logo design, engineering, WordPress,  web design and development, etc…
You can work on fixed projects where the minimum reward is $30; or you can work hourly and get paid from $2 to $20 per hour. You can bid for part time jobs or long term project. So, the revenue is limitless as a simple logo design or social business page project can pay $500.

2.- make money with freelancer.com as affiliate

make money on freelancer.com as affiliate
Another way to make money with freelancer.com is through the affiliate program. I make more money as affiliate than as freelance worker.
Refer your friends to freelancer.com and earn a recurring income on all of their projects for their first 90 days. Earn 90% from the fees taken from projects (3 to 5%) from your referred freelancers; earn 10% fees taken from projects from your referred employers.
As there is no limit, you can make huge money simply with the affiliate program. I made $250 from a single project from a referred employer ($69.30 were cancelled then). You can create your account today and start referring your friends and make money.
earning screenshot from freelancer.com as affiliate

3.- Earn money with the virtual marketplace

The freelancer virtual marketplace allows you to sell your files on the site. You present your files to the large audience of freelancer.com and get people to buy your WordPress templates, audio and video files, photography and design files, backgrounds, software, icons, e-books, CMS plugins and more…

4.- Earn money on freelancer as micro workers

You can also sell your services on freelancer.com using the micro job marketplace; it is called freelancer services. You can monetize every skill you have starting from $5. Whatever you can do, sell it and set your own rules, make money with it. There’s a more detailed article on HeedPages about micro jobs but i will add some example to show you how you canmake money using freelancer.com micro jobs marketplace.

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