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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to Get Your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times [#Infographic]

When I started my first business blog in 2004, there wasn’t much in the way of social media available to help promote blog posts. The best way to get your blog post shared was to encourage readers to subscribe to your blog update email list and then forward the email.
Today, it’s a different story. Yet, during consults with clients, I’m frequently asked how to get more traffic and visitors to new blog posts. The infographic below, created byIan Cleary of RazorSocialandCanva, will help.
There is a belief by many online entrepreneurs that they cannot share their own posts.WRONG! Yes, I’m saying that if you believe that, it’s wrong. You can and should share your blog posts. Don’t wait and hope others will share it for you. Start the ball rolling…
The first thing you need to do after publishing your post is to use the social sharing buttons on the post, to share with your own social networks. It’s OK. The blog promotion police won’t come after you, I promise. 
Courtesy of:RazorSocial

Now it’s your turn.What your top tip for getting your blog posts shared? http://denisewakeman.com/business-blogging-2/how-to-get-your-blog-post-shared-infographic/

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