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Monday, 14 July 2014

How to Create Landing Pages that Make Money

An effective landing page is the strength of any online marketing campaign.
It is therefore imperative to study and test it with the utmost care.
Otherwise, potential customers will not perform the action for which the page was designed.
But how do you create a landing page that can sell and make money?
In other words, you want to maximize the conversion rate of your landing page.
There is no valid prescription for every occasion.
However, it is possible to list a number of tips that are useful in most situations.

1. Create an Effective Headline

The headline is the opening slogan of your landing page.
Its purpose is to capture the attention of potential customers.
It is the most important element of the landing page and in fact it is read about five times more than the body of the offer.
The headline has a difficult task: to summarize the landing page and indicate the main benefits of the product.
In addition, it should intrigue the reader so much to push him to continue reading.
All in one or two rows to the maximum.
Not easy, is it?
Some tips on how to write an effective headline :
- use a larger body than the text of the offer;
- use a color that stands out well in the eyes of potential customers.
The headline may provide a title and a subtitle.
For example, a question such as the title and its response as the subtitle.
Another tip:
the headline should start with “How To” or “Learn how to“.

2. Write about Benefits, not Features

The center of your attention must be the needs of the potential customers, not the product you sell.
Therefore, the landing page must immediately explain what happen if someone will buy your product.
At this point, put yourself in the shoes of your clients!
In a clear and concise way, you should discuss the benefits of what you sell.
Be practical: they are the facts that speak.
Write in a simple language.
Report data and evidence to support the credibility of your product.
A landing page that lists only the characteristics of the product will never sell as a landing page that explains how the product will solve the problems of those who buy it!
A magnet with a golden dollar symbol

3. Create a Simple and Clean Layout

On the web, you should never overdo the graphics.
Therefore, the layout of your landing page must be sober and clean.
The graphic layout  must have a single purpose: to guide the user to perform the action you want.
Often, this means that the look should be functional to fill in the contact form.
It must be consistent with the style of the message you want to propose.
Otherwise, your potential customer will be confused and ask themselves, “Am I really in the right place?”.
Finally, a landing page should be quick to load.
Because if your potential customer has to wait too much, he could decide to go away.
So be sure to reduce to a minimum the weight of your page.

4 . Insert a Clearly Visible Call to Action

Be sure to place the call to action in a clear and visible spot.
The action should be easy to complete in order to facilitate as much as possible the commercial contacts between you and the potential client.
Also, the call to action should be repeated several times in the page at regular intervals, perhaps by changing your message.
If the landing page is long, at least one call to action should be above the fold.

5 . Keep an Eye to Readability

While creating the content of your landing page, keep in mind the important rules of online writing.
The style of your communication must be adapted to target your potential customers.
It is worthwhile for you to do a little more effort and write a text that is really as simple as possible.
What to do?
Be sure to set the degree of legibility and comprehensibility of your text.
Your landing page must have content written in a perfect language.
Errors of spelling, grammar and syntax demolish your credibility in the eyes of your audience.
It drastically reduces your chances of selling.

6 . Use Media

The landing page must show the product through pictures, photographs or video.
For example, you may enter a video that shows how to use the product.
Or a catchy image.

7 . Ask an Easy and Intuitive Action

Filling out the form or purchase order of your landing page should be easy and fast.
The action must take just a few steps.
For this to happen, the form should have a few fields.
Also because people do not like to fill out any form.
The best place to put the labels of the fields is above them.
However, you should leave sufficient vertical space between a field and the other, otherwise potential customers will not understand if a label refers to the field above or the one below.
And remember to reassure potential customers how you use their data. How? Make reference to your privacy policy.

8 . Test your Landing Page

Before launching a campaign, you need to test multiple landing pages.
In fact, only trials can show what will be the one with the highest conversion rate.

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