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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

7 Ways to BE Yourself and find happiness

In the wake of the tragic loss of Robin Williams, it really puts a perspective on life. It seems it’s always the ones that you least expect that are in the most need.
Ones that have brought magic, laughter and joy to millions of people, are in so much pain internally.
Unhappiness is very real and unfortunately the sad reality is that it takes a celebrity taking their own life, to really pull down the curtains of the stigma surrounding depression and talk about the topic freely.
While there’s certainly no easy way to say that there’s an easy fix to un-happiness and depression, the most important thing to note is that happiness starts from inside.
Happiness all starts with being yourself and truly understanding who you are.
Positive Provacations did a great article on  being yourself and we share it with you here:
7 ways to BE yourself

1} Redefine yourself:

Your primary goal should be to know, understand and accept yourself. Take out time to contemplate on your life’s choices. Try to think about what kind of things you would or wouldn’t like to do, and act accordingly; finding out through trial and error helps more than you know. Work on accepting mistakes and choices you’ve made; they’re done and in the past, so there is no use crying over spilled milk.

2} Bid farewell to others perceptions:

It’s impossible to be yourself when you’re caught up in wondering “Do they like me? Does she think I’m fat? Do they think I’m smart?” To be yourself, you’ve got to let go of these concerns and just let your behavior flow. What you think and know of yourself is important not what others think of you.
Don’t wear different masks to please different people. this won’t bring you happiness….you will ultimately lose yourself.
Be you, be authentic without being rude and self-indulgent.

3} Simply BE Honest and Open:

We’re all imperfect, evolving, learning human beings. If there are aspects of yourself you are uncomfortable with— and you feel that you have to hide those parts of you, physically or emotionally — then you have to come to terms with that and learn to convert your so-called flaws into positive quirks.
Be honest with yourself, but don’t beat yourself up; apply this philosophy to others, as well.
There is a difference between being critical and being honest; learn to watch the way you say things to yourself and others when being honest. Happiness comes with honesty.

4} Calm down and laugh a bit:

Stop worrying about the worst, especially in social situations. So what if you fall flat on your face? Or have candy stuck on your hair? Learn to laugh at yourself both when it happens and afterwards. Turn it into a fun story that you can share with friends & family. It makes you feel more at ease with yourself.
My funny quirk: I can leterally finish bars and bars of chocolate in one go. If you want to buy me over just give me chocolate ;) Relax, breathe and enjoy each experience as it comes. Life can be fun if we let it.

5} Develop your authentic self:

Develop and express your authenticity. Whether it’s your sense of style, or even your manner of speaking, if your preferred way of doing something strays from the rest of the crowd, then be proud of it.
Follow your own style. The common thing a lot of people do is copy others actions because it seems like the better route to fit in, but really its the best way to lose yourself in the crowd.

6} Acceptance is key:

Accept that sometimes you are really fun to be with and sometimes you just might want to be left alone. Its ok. Accept what your heart tells and do that. People might raise eyebrows, but as long as you can say “Hey, that’s just me being ME” (without being obnoxious) and leave it at that, people will ultimately respect you for it, and you’ll respect yourself.

7} Begin to Believe in You:

When we constantly try to be like someone else, how can we be happy? Be yourself and show the world you’re proud of the way you are!
You deserve to be your own best friend, so start trying to figure out how you can do that. If you had to spend the day with yourself, which version of YOU would you spend it with? Work on this best version. Believe in this YOU and use that as your starting point.
Lovingly accept yourself as you are now and you’ll be that much closer to happiness.http://thesuccesssoup.com/motivation/7-ways-to-be-yourself-happiness/

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