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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Earn on Your Website - AdSense Basics, Advices and Tips

What is Google AdSense?
Google AdSense is contextual ad system for webmasters. It’s easy to setup and use, and earnings from AdSense are really nice reward for Your hard webmaster work.
Contextual ad system?
Yes. That means, that ads will be targeted to Your site content. That is really a nice thing, because users/visitors will get ads relevant to Your site content. That makes those ads less annoying for visitors.
How much can I earn?
Well, it’s hard to say. One person will earn just few dollars per month, and other will get few dollars per hour. It depends of Your site content, Your ad placement, number of visitors, number of clicks etc. But in most of cases almost anyone can earn at least for hosting. You don’t pay for AdSense then why not to try it?
How to start?
First You have to Sign In to AdSense. It’s not a hard thing and anyone who can read/write can do it. Using this link You can
After You sign up, You can paste AdSense code on Your websites. To generate a code You have to use Installation tool placed in “AdSense Setup”. Just select ad type, unit size and colours.
Remember, that google have large help system.
How to maximize my earnings?
1. Place Your ads in good place. Somewhere where people will see them. You can use Google Heatmap which will help You with ad placement (The areas coloured darker are areas in which people look and click most frequently).
2. Blend Your ads with Your content. Ads which send out are much less clickable. Google gives You the option to modify border, title, background, text and link. Use it well. Border and background in this same colour as Your content area background is a good idea, as same as title in website links colour or text and link as content colour.
3. Write valuable content. Google targets Your ads to fit the content. If visitor is interested in Your content, he may click Your ad too.
4. Traffic is the KING. Without traffic You won’t get clicks. More visitors = bigger chance that someone will click Your ad.
5. Test which ad format is best for Your site. There is no ad format which is best for all sites. You have to try few units and decide which works best, however large rectangle seems to work nice on most of sites.
6. Increase Your CPC (Cost Per Click). No! Don’t make sites only for AdSense, but if You have better keywords on Your site – show google, that they are better than others. Use Section Targeting to get best paying ads relevant with Your site content.
Any restrictions?
1. Never click Your own ads!
2. Don’t place AdSense on error pages, pages without content or in popups.
3. Don’t make MFA (Made for AdSense) sites.
4. Don’t ask for clicks!
5. Don’t give Your CTR information to anyone.
6. Don’t change AdSense code – paste it as it is.
7. Don’t place images close to the ads.
8. Read AdSense TOS.

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