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Saturday, 23 August 2014

9 Steps to Achieving Goals

Setting goals will put you on the right road to success. It’s the beginning steps for your entrepreneurial journey and achieving goals is the destination.
But ultimately where most entrepreneurs get lost, is on the road.
- They run out of gas
- Get lost
- Get tired
- Change direction
or 101 other things that happen on the journey and cause them to “Fail”
If you’ve set yourself some goals, here’s 9 steps that may help achieve those goals and stay on the road.
Achieving goals. 9 steps to help:

1) Set a “WHAT” and a “WHY”

Despite the hundreds of motivational speakers and personal development self help books in the market, the majority of people that pay to see these speakers or read their books will live an average life. There’s nothing wrong with an average life, but if you want greatness then you have to act like it.
The reason they’ll live an average life is because despite the pep talks, they haven’t discovered what it is they truly want to do or why.
The first step, is truly understanding WHAT it is that you want in life and WHY.
Ask yourself what you truly want to achieve. Dig deep.
- Personal growth
- Financial growth
- Spiritual growth
Once you know WHAT it is you want, dig even deeper until you can ask yourself WHY you want those things.
If you want financial growth, it may be because you want to provide a good life for your family. This then becomes your “WHY”.
Without a “WHAT” or a  “WHY”, achieving goals will become a constant uphill battle.

2) Draw up a plan of action

Drawing up a plan needs of action needs to be practical and realistic. Lets say you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle and you’re overweight.
- Your “WHAT” is to lose 20 pounds.
- Your “WHY” is because you want to feel better about yourself.
Your plan of action is to eat less.
This isn’t practical. You’re living an unhealthy lifestyle and you need to start drawing up a plan of action that’s practical and realistic if you want to start achieving goals. Don’t just force yourself to stop eating food, set yourself practical mini tasks.
1. See a dietician
2. Educate yourself on healthy living and eating
3. Set yourself up with an exercise plan
4. Set weekly weight loss targets
5. Plan rewards for those targets (NOT with food)
By setting a plan of attack that’s realistic and acheivable, you’ll be in a better frame of mind to tackle your goals.

3) Act, do not be passive

The most obvious follow up to number 2 is to take ACTION.
Action is what separates the winners from the losers and what will dictate wherther you end up achieving goals in life.
If you set goals and fail to take action, what happens? You lose confidence. So what happens next time you set goals? You do it subconciously with LESS confidence. This happens over and over and It becomes a vicious cycle.
If you want to succeed at something, setting goals will only take you half way. Taking action and achieving goals is the other half and you can’t do that without massive action.

4) Learn and listen

Educate yourself on what you want to achieve. Setting goals is practical and achieving goals is a science. Others have done it before you and others will do it again. Success leaves clues, so LEARN about those clues. Meet people who can help you and listen to their advice.
If you want to move forward in life, you need to leave your ego at the front door and be willing to take in new information.

5) Contingency plan

Someones there’s more than one key to a door.
Not EVERYTHING will work for EVERYONE. Something that might have worked before for one person, might be the wrong approach for another. Don’t let it stop you from achieving goals.
Setting goals is done with an ideal outcome. Sometimes you may have to deviate from your plan to achieve that outcome. Relax, it’s normal

6) Re-assess your goals regularly

On the flip side, sometimes your goals might change. Circumstances change and people change.
Some goals lose their importance.
It is a good idea to re-examine your goals regularly and weed out the ones that don’t serve to make you happy. Ultimately the reason for setting goals is to achieve happiness.
Always bring it back to your “WHAT” and your “WHY”. I always suggest that you ask “WHY” twice.
Your “WHAT” may be losing 20 pounds
Your “WHY” may be to feel better about yourself
Your second “WHY” is because if you feel better about yourself then you’ll be HAPPIER. Happiness will ALWAYS be the answer to the second “WHY”
If your circumstances in life change, your goals might too. Re-assess them regularly.

7) Repeat affirmations

There’s a reason that affirmations exist. Affirmations have this “Stigma” about them that seems almost “Uncool”.
You don’t want to stand in front of a mirror and repeat over and over that “You can do it”. Seems kind of lame right?
But what about the Spurs. I bet they have team affirmations. I bet when they’re in the change rooms getting pumped up for a game, they have a chant or an affirmation. Is that uncool? Is that lame? Not when they won the NBA championships!
It’s all conceptual. We make assumptions in our OWN minds. Who cares what anyone thinks. Affirmations WORK because they’re subconciously programming your brain to believe the things you’re telling yourself. It’s a scientific reaction.
Affirm with faith and feelings that your goal has already been achieved. If you don’t undo your affirmations with doubts and lack of belief, they will be accepted by your subconscious mind, which will then provide you with more desire and motivation.
Achieving goals is a science and so are affirmations.

8) Visualize your goal

Visualization will also affect your subconscious mind, which will keep you motivated, focused on your goal, and more aware of ideas and opportunities. Setting goals will put you on the right road but affirmations and visualizations will keep you driving when you’re almost out of gas. Achieving goals.
Visualizing also helps trigger your subconcious mind, but with sensory reactions. If you want a new car, picture yourself driving with the windows down and the wind blowing in your hair (Or on your face for our bald friends)

9) Take action

A re-iteration of number 3 because really with OUT action, your visualizations and affirmations will lead to nothing. Unfortunately my friends you can’t stare in a mirror, picture yourself in a Mercedes and tell yourself you can have it. Unfortunately that won’t magically make it appear in your driveway.
ACTION is the cornerstone to setting goals and achieving goals.
Don’t just affirm and visualize and do nothing. Take any action required to bring your goal into fruition. Follow your intuition, new ideas and opportunities that present themselves, and accept help from other people.
While this isn’t the “Achieving goals” bible, you can bet that these 9 steps WILL dramatically increase your chances are reaching your goals and creating success, wealth and abundance in your life.http://thesuccesssoup.com/motivation/9-steps-achieving-goals/

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